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Leukemia microbiotaFighting Side Effects in Treatment for Acute Leukemia

Patients with acute leukemia (AL) undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatment are also treated with multiple antibiotics. This results in the patient’s gut microbiome being severely affected, which results in unpleasant and possibly dangerous side effects. We studied the microbiomes of AL patients undergoing initial and repeat therapy, with a goal of determining how the initial therapy might influence dysbiosis in subsequent chemotherapy courses.


bacteriaThe bacteria that's good for you

There are hundreds of species of bacteria that live within your body right now, helping you digest your food and protect against infection by bacteria that cause disease. These bacteria and what they do is a growing area of scientific research about the body's microbiotic community. Microbiologist Dr. Christopher Staley is among those exploring the link between microbiomes and human health.




Minnesota researchers help unlock 'gut science' curesMinnesota researchers help unlock 'gut science' cures

The Twin Cities area is emerging as a major player in what could become a multibillion dollar industry.